Equity Based Capital


Are you seeking a low-maintenance, short-term, secured investment?

Looking to invest in real estate without the hassles associated with landlording or construction? Are you an active real estate investor that wants to diversify their existing real estate portfolio?

Equity Based Capital provides an opportunity for accredited investors to acquire a membership interest in an aggregate loan portfolio. This mortgage pool combines low volatility, preservation of capital, investment transparency and diversification, combined with attractive returns to generate substantial income while preserving capital. “Consistency. Integrity. Returns.”


Our Partners can choose to “self-direct“ their IRA or a portion of it. This is a great way to “free” your IRA while you diversify your portfolio and earn significant tax deferred income. Federal and State income taxes will be deferred on the total income earned by your IRA. There will be tax costs in the future (just like any other IRA) when you begin to take distributions of the IRA funds.

Protecting your investment

Hard Money Loan Investments:

Our loans are secured by a first lien position on real estate properties. At Equity Based Capital, we make and service private, first lien loans to proven Connecticut and Massachusetts real estate investors. Our Loans are secured by real estate at a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70%.

Investment Properties:

We lend on non-owner-occupied properties. Borrowers may use their personal property as additional collateral.

Fix and Flip Loans:

Most of our contractors’ loans have repair escrow. We conduct physical site inspections with detailed construction draw schedules, review paid receipts, permitting and lien releases before any draw is made.

First Lien Position:

The loan is secured by physical property with a recorded Deed of Trust and Promissory Note.

Property Security:

Title insurance and fire hazard insurance is secured on every loan. Title to the loan is recorded in Equity Based Capital.

Short Loan Durations:

Our loans mature at 1 year. This provides us the ability to turn over capital quickly and protect against secular declines in real estate.

Where Equity Means More Than Credit.

Equity Based Capital is a direct hard money lender based in Branford, CT. With more than 30 years’ experience in equity-based lending, EBC specializes in financing for individuals and companies whose needs are not fully met by traditional banks. Loan approvals have emphasis on EQUITY not credit and income documentation.

Partnering with Investors.

Achieving the best returns possible.